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In selecting a particular legal counsel or rep, what criteria should I consider?

You will want to consider expertise, an area of law where they practised and specialized. A lawyer, paralegal or law practice firm that will help you better understand your situation(s), options, and expectedly leave you feeling as though you have been understood and that someone is on your side who will fight for you.

The next thing you want to consider is the fee you’re being charged. This depends on the law firm, lawyer or paralegal and the type of matter you faced. In all, you want a legal representative who does not break your bank to have your legal issue resolved. 

How will I be Charged?

You may be charged through one of these three most common fee models: 

(a) Hourly rate - any time spent working on your file, such as research, drafting documents, court appearances, email correspondence, and telephone calls with you and the opposing party/counsel, would be charged to your file.

(b) Flat rate/block fee - you could be charged a flat rate or block fee for the entirety of your matter, and;

(c) Contingency fee – you will only pay for disbursements, that is, actual costs incurred by the firm on your behalf for such things as photocopies, couriers, process servers, court filing fees, etc. What you end up paying in total is contingent on the outcome of the matter. For example, if the matter turns out not to be in your favour, you are only charged for the disbursements listed above. But, if you are successful at trial, or if you settle outside of court, you will then have to pay your legal rep’s fees, in addition to a premium on those fees, as they had kept track of hours spent on your matter.

Is there anything I need before contacting you?

Not really in many cases, but you might want to remember the date of the incident or matter, the opposing party, if any, and for notary appointments, the originals of your documents or affidavit to be notarized. 

How much does it cost to speak with you?

The first 30 mins are free for you. If we are able to finish and iron-out the issue(s) within those times, you pay nothing. If we’re not able to do that, every 30 mins after the first will only cost you $50.00 (plus HST).

This faq content is not intended to provide legal advice or opinion (shouldn't be seen as one) as none can be given without reference to specific life events and/or situations.  Such legal advice must be personally and directly sort from a qualified professional. 

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